General Hardware
  • Building Hardware
    1. Building Hardware

      Wheel barrow
      Non shrink grout
      Cement Pail
      Chungkol Plate
      Sand paper roll
      Cloth sandpaper
      Waterproof sandpaper
      Weatherproof socket
      Wall Mounting socket (All kinds)
      Water Test plug
      Measuring Tape
      Rope (All Kinds)
      Angle Bar
      Spirit Level(all sizes)
      Corrugated paper roll
      Calcium silicate
      Fiber cement board
      Plastic sheet roll
      Galv. iron wire
      Galv. Iron Wire Cut-to size
      Galv.square mesh
      Chicken Wire Mesh
      Cable Wire
      Concrete nail (all sizes )
    2. Wheel Barrow/Cement Mixer/Hand Trolley/Inner Tube/Tyre/Cement Pail

      PH Yellow Cement Pail
      PH Black Cement Pail
      Pedstar Wheelbarrow
      Shovel Flat-Head Wooden Handle
      Shovel Round-Head Wooden Handle
      Chungkol Plate
    3. Trolley

      Cargo Trollery
      Plastic Trollery(China)
      PVC Trolley(Japan)
    4. Pallet Jack
    5. Ladder

      Single Pole Alu.Ladder
      Domestic A Ladder
    6. Cement/Rope/Line

      Black/white cement
      Easi plaster (WH)
      Easi render
      Non shink grout
      Tiger rope
      Nylon rope
      Life line
    7. Ponkey/Net/Corrugated Paper Roll/Rag/Bag

      Green safety netting
      Sewn/unsewn cotton rag
      Flour bag
    8. Wires Nail

      Common nails
      Concrete Nails
      Roofing Nails
    9. Socket/Plug/Cable

      Pvc Cable Black
      Flexible cable wire
    10. Hand Gloves

      Cotton gloves
      Coated cotton hand glove
      Black rubber gloves
      Latex powder glove
      Welding gloves
      Vinly glove
      Gean leather gloves
      Nitrilite glove
  • Building Hardware
  • Safety Products
    1. Safety Products

      Paper Mask
      Disposable Face Mask
      Ear Plug
      Ear Protectors
      Ratchet Line Helmet
      Safety Helmet
      Safety Belt
      3M M95 Mask
      Safety Vest
      First Aid Box
      Full Harnesses
      Safety Rubber Boot
      Yellow & Black Tape
      Red & White Tape
      0range fence-3ft
    2. Safety Shoe
    3. Safety Spectacles
    4. KPR KingPower (Foot Protection)
  • Bits Material
    1. Materials for Bits Construction

      Drill Bits
      Auger Bit
      19mm( 3/4")Auger bit for Wood
      High speed steel drill bit
    2. Drill Bit Shank

      Straight Shank
      SDS Shank
    3. Diamond Core Drill Bit
    4. Masonry Drill
  • Other Materials
    1. Measure Tools

      Try Square
      Carpenter Square
      Plum Bob
      Fibre Glass Measuring Tape
      Measuring tape
      Open Real Sharp Tip
      Mepro Spirit Level
      Spirit Level
    2. Hydraulic/Engine oil/Grease/Red Oxide Primer/Silicon/Epoxy putty

      Joint Compound
      Marble Glue Hardener
      Marble Glue
      White Glue
      Thin Coating Putty
      Silicon Clear/White
      Acrylic Sealant
    3. Pipe & Fitting

      Copper Pipe(All Sizes)
      Copper Tubing
      Chome Pipe
      Stainless Pipe
      PVC pipe (All Sizes)
    4. Pan Collar/Elbow/Socket/Tee/Fitting
    5. Valves

      Long Handle Ball Valve
      PVC Ball valve "GY"
      Copper Gate Vate 183-C15
      Mini Ball Value(diff sizes)
      Pvc Ball Valve white
      Cast Iron Gate Valve
    6. Pipe Click/Oftiker Clip
  • Laser Equipments
    1. CST LM 800D
    2. LNL-A8809HPC Laser Marker
    3. NL-A8839D Laser Marker
    4. NL-A8823 Laser Marker
    5. Laserline Nishihara
    6. Laserline TX-70
    7. LEI-D2 Leiga Disto D2
    8. LP106 Cross Dot Laser
    9. CA660 Procaster
Paints & Accessories
  • Paints And Accessories
    1. Paint And Accessories List

      Red Paint Brush
      Paint roller with handle
      Roller Refiller
      Lacquer Brush
      Painter Set
      Paint Tray
      Paint Stick
      Chrome Steel Scrapper
      Hand Fix SCRAPPER-4
      Steel Scrapper (china)-all sizes
    2. Masking Tape/Tapes

      Opp Tape
      Cloth Tape
      Double Sided Tape
    3. Paint Remover

      Plastic Sheet
  • Paints And Accessories
Handtools list
  • Handtools List
    1. Hammer (Construction Hammers)

      173-CLFH27 Claw Hammer
      173-B0.5/BFH0.5 Brick Hammer
      173-CRP14/16 Cross Pein Hammer
      173-RB12/16/24oz Rubber Mallet
      173-BP1/1.5/2 Ball Pein Hammer
      173-CP0.3/0.5 Chipping Hammer
      173-WCSH Welding Chipping Hammer
    2. Trowler
    3. Wire Brush
    4. Screw

      Retainer Spring
      Roofing Bolt
      Spring Washer
      Flat Washer
      Wing Nut
      Tie Nut
      Hex Nut
      Kep Nut White
      Washer Tapper Nut
      Hex Nylon Nut
      Flange Nut
      Cap Nut
      Sleeve Anchor
      Through Bolt
      Eye Bolt
      Screw Hook
      Set Anchor
      Drop in Anchor
      Hammer Anchor
      Expanding Hock Bolt
      Expanding Eye Bolt
      Outer Circlip/ Inner Circlip
    5. Cutter/Pliers/Chisels
    6. Sanders/Drill/Cutter/Cordless/Air Breaker/Impact Wrench

      Electric Drill 002-GSB16RE
      MK Cutter 002-MT410
      MK cutter 002-Mk4100NH
      Hitachi Hammer
      Air Hammer
      Scaling Air Hammer 002-TKTS2
    7. Saws/Blades
  • Handtools list
  • Houseware
    1. Water Basin Taps/Shower Accessories/Toilet Seat

      Quarter Turn S/L Twin spout
      Pillar Tap
      Q-turn lever tap
      HD Pillar Tap
      Delay action Basin Tap
      Cross quarter
      Turn Bath Mixer
      Single Mixer
      Flush Value
      White Seal Tape
      Toilet Seat Cover
      Shower Head
      PVC Shower Head
      Spray Head
      PVC Spray Head
      Anti-Mosquito Tape
      Brass Waste
      Pop-up Waste
      Chome Plated Bottle Trap
      PVC Bottle Trap
      Flexible Hose
    2. Door Accessories

      Door Hinges
      Door Closer
      Steel Long Shackle Security
      Cylindical Lockset
    3. Cleaner & Chemical

      Hand & Floor
      Cement Remover
      Spray Glass
      Mosaic Cleaner
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